Ohio Value Voters, Inc.

Diane Stover, President

"Based upon his pro-life family values as supported by the Ohio Value Voters, Inc., the executive board has endorsed Matt Lynch's candidacy for Judge of the Court of Appeals, District 11."

Ohio Citizen's PAC

Tom Zawistowski, President

"The Ohio Citizen’s PAC is confident that Matt Lynch believes as we believe and shares our values, principles and goals for our state and nation. We believe that, as a Judge, he will enforce the law as written in a strict constitutional manner and that he will remain faithful to the Ohio and US Constitutions at all times. Therefore, we encourage, without hesitation, all Republicans in the 11th District Court of Appeals to vote for Matt Lynch for Judge."

Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio

Jeff Barefoot, Chairman, RTLACO Election Education Committee

"We are confident that voters in the 11th Ohio Appellate District can rest assured that Matt Lynch will work diligently to advance justice for all Ohioans, fairly and impartially."

Right To Life Action Coalition of Ohio exists to provide strong grassroots leadership on all matters concerning prolife and profamily issues in the State of Ohio and support public officials and candidates who courageously work for the protection of innocent human life and protect the integrity of the family unit in the public arena.